LEBENSSUCHT official website
LEBENSSUCHT official website
February 2019   Final studio days are done. Due to the big distance of our homes, things take unfortunately bit longer, but we don't want to release in a rush. There are too much emotions involved. So we take the time, which is needed.

Now only mix and master left. And then... we will spread the sickness!
January 2019   We have another great gig to announce! So proud to share the stage with noone else than the underground legends MAKE A CHANGE... KILL YOURSELF!

06/04/2019 - Club From Hell - Erfurt, Germany

December 2018  

with Vanhelga / Deadspace / Eyelessight / Afraid Of Destiny

LEBENSSUCHT will part on the following dates:
28.02.2019 - Milan, Italy / Slaughter Club
01.03.2019 - Maribor, Slovenia / Gustaf Pekarna
02.03.2019 - Banska Bystrica, Slovakia / Tartaros
03.03.2019 - Bielsko-Byala, Poland / Rudeboy
05.03.2019 - Volmerange-Les-Mines, France / No Man's Land

(presented by Leynir Booking)

August 2018  

I. Website update. New live pics and reviews are online.

II. Concerning a second guitarist, we decided to concentrate first on our full length release. It's still lot of work to do till we can spread the sickness with our album. We also decided to only work with session guitarists for our upcoming live rituals. News will follow in time.

July 2018   Studio work has begun.

June 2018   We are thrilled to announce our first gig for 2019:
Underground Remains Open Air / Göttingen, Germany

April 2018   I. Live rituals in Munich and Aarhus done.

A little extract (Review: 4,5 out of 5 / Bands of Tomorrow):
"... In my point of view this wasn’t just a normal black metal concert – it was an act of arts. The audience was witnessing a chaotic sound mixed with dark and dystopian visual undertones. S Caedes vocal is one of the most fierce, I’ve ever heard. She’s not doing the normal scream or growl, that you usually hear in black metal. Her screams were a clear statement of hate, desperation, depression and general dystopy – done to perfection ..."

II. At Dark Easter Metal Meeting Bezoár had his last gig with us. Due to a lack of time he didn't had another option than leave the band. We want to thank him for the intensive, great time we spent together and wish him all the best on his future paths!
January 2018   We proudly can announce our second gig for 2018:
ROYAL METAL FEST / Aarhus, Denmark

August 2017   I. We are thrilled to announce the first festival for 2018:

II. Website update: new dates, new live video, new live reviews and pictures online
July 2017  

I. Website online

II. After a longer absence we had the third live ritual at the Sick Midsummer Festival in Austria. Review and photos will be published within the next days.